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"We wanted to take this opportunity to write you a letter thanking you and your team for the wonderful work you did on our house in Chatham. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have worked with you on our renovation. We really appreciate your commitment, craftsmanship, expertise and desire to give us a home that we would love but that would also retain its original “Cape Cod” nature. We also love your creativity and craftsmanship. You were not just a “general contractor,” but you brought your own ideas and your own artist’s eye to the project, all for the better. Your desire to get the little touches right, and to do it right the first time, was terrific. We are even now finding some of the “little things” you added that really bring the place together. We appreciate that you were onsite every day, and that your contractors and subcontractors were unfailingly professional, polite, efficient, and seemingly treated our house as if it were their own. You delivered a safe, clean work-site and the work was done efficiently, with no time gaps between contractors. Clearly, your planning of the work was first-rate. Finally, we appreciate your commitment to cost effectiveness and transparency. We always had confidence that you were a good steward of the financial aspects of the job, and you were always honest and straightforward with us. That was a big relief, particularly since the work took place while we were 1200 miles away. In short, we could not be happier with the job you and your team did (and we appreciate that it truly is a team, which was important to us). We look forward to working with you again on future projects and we would recommend you without hesitation."
...Robert & Christine J., Chatham, MA & Texas

After living in our home for a year, we are ever thankful for the opportunity we had in renovating it with the Fellman Brothers. It’s hard to believe that with a “cocktail napkin drawing” we provided, they were able to visualize our plans. We appreciated their alternative options in design as we moved forward, and that they were sensitive to the financial considerations that affected it. We were amazed with the relationships they have with their subcontractors. Not only were we grateful for their talent, they were kind and courteous to us (and each other, too). When renovating a home, issues will come up and you dealt with them flawlessly. We appreciate your eye to detail and craftsmanship, for instance the mahogany lighthouses on the stairway. This above all makes our home unique and special!
...Cindy and Louis P, Chatham, MA & Tuscon, AZ

We highly recommend the Fellmans for your home building and/or renovation project. This recommendation is based on our experience with their renovation of our home in Brewster, MA. Their workmanship and the work of all their subcontractors were of the highest quality and performed on a timely basis. They have an outstanding understanding of construction techniques, which has been clearly gained through many years of experience. Our project involved the renovation and addition to a 1930’s home located in the Historic District of Brewster. The goal was to extensively renovate the home while keeping the original look and historic character of the house. Our praise for the work of the Fellmans could not be higher and our satisfaction with the project is absolute… Words cannot properly convey the beauty of the finished product and we would invite serious prospective clients to contact us personally.
...Joe and Susan B., Brewster, MA

The Fellman Brothers handled everything for us, from permits to demo to fine carpentry and finishes for an extensive remodel of our vacation home in Chatham, MA. They accomplished all of this within the time frame and budget allotted. And all of this with our living in California the whole time! During the process we were kept up to date with regular photos and progress reports, and whenever they needed to translate our vision without our being there, they did so brilliantly, usually surpassing our own vision with their own. We found their crew equally professional and highly skilled. These relationships have held strong and from them we have developed a complete support network for the ongoing maintenance of our property. Although this work was done several years ago, we are pleased to still see the Fellmans socially, and we value the friendship that was forged. How many people can say that about their contractor?!!
...The Newmans, Chatham & California

Our project was a tear-down/new construction overlooking Nantucket Sound in South Chatham. Working with the Fellman Brothers was a very positive experience that produced a summer house exceeding our expectations and dreams. It’s a combined journey that should ultimately expose the best qualities of both builder and homeowner. The Fellmans bring enthusiasm, creativity and good old fashioned hard work to the job. They are always on site and available to discuss details. They keep a very clean and orderly job site and understand the sensitivity of the neighbors, and go out of their way to reduce disruption to the community. They made good on their word, and we are delighted with the end results. They have our blessing to bring prospective clients to our home to view the quality of workmanship and the unique details that make a house a special home.
...Tom W., Chatham, MA

The Fellman Brothers completed a renovation and expansion of our home in North Chatham that was built in 1790. This was a major project that involved relocation of a garage, renovation of the existing home and a 1,100 square foot addition. Throughout this process, they did an outstanding job not only with respect to the workmanship, but equally important, with advice throughout the construction. We had several architects involved in the planning and construction drawings, however as the work progressed, the Fellmans suggested numerous changes to the as-built construction that significantly improved the design and function of the space. To say that we are pleased with them would be an understatement! Our project (and the Fellmans) also received a 2005 Chatham Preservation Award by the Chatham Historical Society for their work on our home.
...Robert & Priscilla Oliver, North Chatham, MA

Over the past twelve months I have had the pleasure of working with the Fellman Brothers. The project was the construction of my vacation home overlooking Long Pond in Harwich, MA, a 4,000 square foot bungalow style home with three-car garage. The residence needed to reflect the craftsmanship of the bungalow period while encompassing all the modern luxuries. From the outset Peter (Fellman) worked closely to craft a home that not only melded into the environment but one that stands out as a reminder of days gone by. He unquestionably showed a mastery of not only coordinating all aspects of construction but the skills to take an active role in every challenge that was presented. Possibly one of his greatest assets is his ability to don a tool belt and help create the perfect detail at every stage. From hand-crafted exterior brackets to hand-picking a beam for the mantel over one hundred and fifty miles away, Peter’s dedication to detail while still seeing the much larger picture was inspiring.
...R. Vayo, Harwich, MA

It was a delight to see our “vision” take shape, day by day, over a few months. We discussed what we wanted at length, changed our minds a dozen times, and had a thoroughly enjoyable time of it! There is not a single thing that, in retrospect, we wish were different. We think the house looks spectacular. There was not a single person, out of a dozen or more carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, who was not friendly, hard-working, and professional. I recommend the Fellman Brothers without reservation.
...Mike Ward, Chatham, MA

I had a Mistress Suite addition to my Chatham home and included in the room was a fireplace with walls of bookshelves and cabinets, all handcrafted by Mark (Fellman). The workmanship is outstanding. The walk-in closet and bathroom with the hand-made vanity to fit the space looks as though it came right out of a magazine. The Fellman Brothers take care of all aspects of the project, from fine carpentry to finishes to framing a very difficult roof line. I appreciated the great attention to detail and suggestions they made to ensure the end result would be nothing less than outstanding!
...G. Rodgers, Chatham

The Fellmans are uncommon in the field of contractors. They commit to time frames for completing portions of the work, and they consistently meet them. Our project could have created a great deal of misery given that we were living in California and working full-time jobs. But (they) always made thoughtful and precise recommendations and took a great deal of responsibility for many of the specifics that we could only talk about in general ways. We very much appreciated the Fellman integrity, sense of humor, and work ethic, because it made working with them relaxing, pleasant, and even fun (how many people can say that doing a remodeling project is fun?!) Their work is excellent, and it reveals itself more with each day. The Fellman Brothers are the best, hands down.
...Richard and Rosanne A. Hunt, Chatham & California

My wife and I purchased a home from the Fellman Brothers in 2000. Having not known them prior we felt compelled to verify their reputation. Upon doing so we were assured by everyone that we asked that not only was their work of the utmost quality, but their integrity was beyond question. We been consistently happy with everything the Fellmans have done, and we have never been disappointed with anyone who they have referred us. There is never a concern that we will be dealing with anyone less than the best in the business, from both a quality and service perspective. The fact that years after purchasing our home we still have a strong business and personal relationship speaks volumes.
...Brian & Jane Anne S., Harwich, MA

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